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Project Fitness!

Project Fitness (PF) is a fitness management and consulting company that promotes physical fitness and exercise as a healthier lifestyle choice. We work with individuals, corporate and residential clients, and organizations to create awareness around health and fitness options.

We continue to thrive in this very competitive wellness market by staying on the cutting edge of today’s health, fitness, and training technologies.  These technologies allow us to deliver convenient and unparalleled services that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.  Our unique approach has made our business appealing to companies seeking customized programs.

About Co-Founders

About Chickaro Martin

Chickaro Martin is an accomplished certified personal trainer, health and wellness consultant and founder of Project Fitness, an innovative Washington, D.C. based fitness company dedicated to promoting and fostering healthy lifestyles through fitness and exercise. Committed to a fitness approach with an eye toward civic engagement, Chickaro specializes in creating awareness and community around physical activities and wellness options, while connecting his clients with the resources they need. In 2009, Chickaro served as a key consultant for the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan, sponsored by First Lady Michelle Obama. He has consulted and delivered fitness and wellness workshops for the U.S. Navy and the Samuel Institute and served as a spokesperson for Washington Sports Club

Born and raised in Indiana, Chickaro’s passion for health and fitness was visible from an early age. His resolve to become a great high school athlete led to success on the football field at Ball State University and the promise of a pro career. Still, Chickaro recognized early on that his ambitions for fitness and training extended beyond the gridiron. With a strong propensity to share his health and fitness knowledge with others, coupled with the ability to communicate these techniques, Chickaro saw a tremendous opportunity. And as a player who had already sustained various injuries, he understood the value of fitness as a preventative tool and the benefits of a balanced training course.

While at college Chickaro capitalized on his distinction as a player and mobilized his team, as well as other Ball State athletic programs to partner with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Boys & Girls Club to develop health and fitness programs aimed at inspiring and activating youths. For Chickaro, this experience represented his first successful health and fitness program and demonstrated that a small effort can have a lasting impact on communities.

Since relocating to Nation’s capital, Chickaro has embarked on a mission to sharpen his craft and expertise, building a health and fitness repertoire worth sharing. Along the way to becoming one of leading trainers in the Washington, DC and New York areas, he has not stopped competing. As a professional bodybuilder, Chickaro competed both nationally and internationally, scoring a first place finish at the Australia NPC All Natural World Championship. Following this success, he moved on to coaching, training other competitors and helping them achieve recognition and victory in the sport.

Today through Project Fitness, Chickaro promotes health and wellness in communities throughout the Washington, D.C. area with unique and stimulating programs. “Healthy Happy Hour” brings together health enthusiasts, professionals and newcomers to unwind and converse in a fun and relaxed environment. Project Fitness also sets up various Boot Camps in DC that encourage team building and cooperation in an inviting and engaging setting. Chickaro ensures that Project Fitness embodies his dedication to self-empowerment, employing cutting edge programming to motivate and inspire others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chickaro applies his result oriented techniques and innovative fitness methods, providing individuals and organizations the information and resources necessary to reach their maximum potential.

To contact Chickaro Martin, please call (202) 269-0050 or email info@p-fit.com.

Trainers & Instructors

Our trainers and instructors are definitely certified and accredited.

Chickaro Martin

Mr. Martin is an accomplished National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and health and wellness consultant. He is also our Head Trainer. He began his career with Performance enhancement bodybuilding training to help athletes achieve and stay in optimal condition in the arena of sports at all levels, both as a competitor and working with world class athletes in both Europe and the US. Mr. Martin later turned his focus on special populations and the general public as a physical Therapist assistant. In 2009, Chickaro served as a key consultant for the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan. He also consulted and delivered fitness and wellness workshops for the U.S. Navy and the Samuel Institute and served as a spokesperson for Washington Sports Club.

Eddie Smith

Eddie Smith is our very own US Army Combat Training Specialist and comes to us with over 10 years experience. He is NASM Certified as well as Corrective Exercise Specialist.


Mr. Linton is NASM certified and has over 12 years of training experience. Mr. Linton is our resident expert in functional movement and assessments, which help identify bio-mechanical and neuromuscular strength and weaknesses in our clients.

Joe Koch

Training: Strength Conditioning


Training: Strength Conditioning, Kick Boxing

Maria Thomas

Training: Spin

Latesha Johnson

Training: Zumba

Leshae Anderson

Training: Zumba


Training: Pilates

Kate Vlach

Training: Barre – Burn


Training: Yoga