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02URBAN1_SPAN-articleLargeWelcome to Urban Fitness Lifestyles, the Premier destination for those interested in adopting a sustainable and balanced approach to a healthier, urban lifestyle through fitness; in effect, becoming an Urban Athlete.

If you’ve landed on this page, it is clear that your curiosity and desire is more than just a mere passing fancy: you’ve heard the stories, seen the TV programs, maybe even have been told by your doctors, that you need to get some more exercise into your life and start changing your eating habits. You’ve now come to a place where you can get guidance, share your experiences, and ask questions for feedback. This is a place from which you embark on that journey to an entirely new YOU! Whether you are a beginner who’s not sure what to do, an intermediate who’s been following a regime with a desire to move up to the next level; or a seasoned veteran who runs marathons and participate in every obstacle races known to man, there is something here for EVERYONE. So, please feel free to course through our website; sample what we have to offer; join in and share with us your experiences (i.e., contribute to our blogs!!!); give us your feedback; ask questions; PARTICIPATE; and above all, ENGAGE!!!

Personal Training

The Project Fitness Urban Athlete’s personal training regimen is based upon the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model, which is designed to concurrently improve all functional abilities, including flexibility, core stabilization, balance, strength, power, and cardio respiratory endurance (for those of you who are beginners, it just means that the program is extremely comprehensive, and incorporates a holistic/balanced, full-body approach that touches on every part of you as you progress).

The model is further divided into three main levels; stabilization, strength and power, which are in turn sub-divided into five unique phases:

  • Phase 1 – Stabilization Endurance
  • Phase 2 – Strength Endurance
  • Phase 3 – Hypertrophy
  • Phase 4 – Maximal Strength Power
  • Phase 5 – Power

The approach works like ascending a staircase, starting from stabilization at the bottom to strengthen your physical core, going upward (or forward) to the point where the strengthened and stabilized core provides the solid foundational platform for the power (strength) to engage in prolonged, or sustained endurance activity that occurs within the final power phase (i.e., running a marathon, doing a certain number of laps in the pool, being able to walk for 30 to 45 minutes, etc., or whatever your goal). Essentially, it is a wonderful, scientifically-tested and approved method for getting into shape. And although it might sound a little complex, it is really a simple process, when executed at the hands of a professional trainer who can create just the right program to fit your unique situation…this is NOT a cookie-cutter approach, but instead, is a tailor-made regimen designed SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU! Speak to a Project Fitness Personal Trainer today.
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Smart Eating Habits

It's all worth it!

It’s all worth it!

Your online resource for the latest information on nutrition, recipes for weekly meal plans, power and energy shakes; Get the latest information about what to eat to achieve the best possible results for good health and well-being. Check this section frequently for fun and exciting food and nutrition updates!

Most of us have a busy work schedule and a dozen other commitments to look into. But, to do justice to all of these various aspects of your life, you must pay attention to your diet and health. How you eat your food is as important as what you eat. So, the next time you sit down to eat, enjoy your meal by keeping these pointers in mind.

Eat slowly; chew your food well – It takes 20 minutes before your stomach sends a clear message to your brain that you’re full. If you take the time to chew your food well, you will find you end up eating less. Ideally, you should have smaller, frequent meals as opposed to larger, infrequent ones…

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Boot Camp


Expect only the BEST fat-burning, body sculpting exercises to help you improve your fitness level, tone up and slim down. We Challenge you to take your body to its limit. Project Fitness Boot-camp will bring out the ultimate you. Coupling traditional and fun and exciting workouts with both specialized and original techniques, we will sculpt your body to give you the look, the feel and the performance you desire. You work, sweat, and best of all, you burn calories not only during the boot camp, but long after.


  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Free classes when you purchase Personal Training

Pricing:  $99

Meet in Front of Starbucks/ Noma (NEW York Ave Metro Station-M st. side)
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 6:30 AM
Saturdays: 10:00 AM

* Coming Soon!