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If you’ve landed on this page, it is clear that your curiosity and desire is more than just a mere passing fancy: you’ve heard the stories, seen the TV programs, maybe even have been told by your doctors, that you need to get some more exercise into your life and start changing your eating habits. You’ve now come to a place where you can get guidance, share your experiences, and ask questions for feedback. This is a place from which you embark on that journey to an entirely new YOU! Whether you are a beginner who’s not sure what to do, an intermediate who’s been following a regime with a desire to move up to the next level; or a seasoned veteran who runs marathons and participate in every obstacle races known to man, there is something here for EVERYONE. So, please feel free to course through our website; sample what we have to offer; join in and share with us your experiences (i.e., contribute to our blogs!!!); give us your feedback; ask questions; PARTICIPATE; and above all, ENGAGE!!!